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  Distance Learning Resources Webinar  Google Pre-recorded Webinar on Distance Learning

This webinar provides teachers with training to increase opportunities for engagement, assess student learning, using Google Hangouts, distance learning without internet access, and communicating with families.

Google Meet Hangout allows teachers to schedule live instruction with students, enabling students to be actively engaged. Click this link for a tutorial document.

  COVID-19 Town Hall - Mission Possible:  Assessing COVID Academic Slide for Student Success  COVID-19 Town Hall - Mission Possible: Assessing COVID Academic Slide for Student Success

Webinar Handouts:
• David Smitherman Handout
• Karrie Edwards Handout
• Lisa Chubbic Handout
• Lisa Gerdes Handout
• Michael DeSarro Handout
• Renita Hall Handout

  Google's Teacher Training Center  Google's Teacher Training Center

•   Free teacher training is available on this Google for Education webpage.

•  Teach From Home - A temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

  Zoom for Online Learning  Zoom for Online Learning

This blog link provides tutorials for how to use Zoom for online learning.

  Additional Resources for Early Educator and School Leaders  Additional Resources for Early Educator and School Leaders

•  Early Educator Resources

•  School Leader Resources

  No School? No Problem!  "No School? No Problem!"

This helpful webinar is presented by Dr. Erin Wilcox, Assistant Vice President, ACSI.

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Here you will find lots of teachers connecting with one another and sharing ideas.

Many companies are offering free access to their resources on-line. Also, there are companies offering free access to the Internet for students that have no Internet access at home.

If you are in need of additional assistance, contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798