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The ACSI Student Assessment Program helps schools blaze a trail of tracking student growth, measuring instructional effectiveness, and optimizing data for the future.
ACSI provides the best in class assessments with a full-service program that includes discounts, professional development, and program support.

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Exceptional Testing
Exceptional Testing Options — Fall, Spring and In-Between
Formative and summative testing products and services are current and meet the highest standards of psychometric and technical excellence.
Powerful Information
Powerful Information — Robust Online Reporting Programs
Convenient reporting systems deliver comparative and diagnostic data in formats that allow your school to disaggregate and analyze individual and group results.
Ongoing Support
Ongoing Training and Support — Learn to Analyze Data and Improve Student Learning
Through its partnerships with test publishers, ACSI also offers professional development opportunities to Christian schools. Through webinars, videos, and site workshops, educators can understand the purposes of assessment, analyze score results, and take practical steps to improve student learning.


Summative & Formative Solutions

Iowa Assessments
Iowa Assessments CogAT
Riverside Insights Single Subject Benchmarks
Riverside Insights Iowa Survey
Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test

Spring 2022 was the final administration of TerraNova 3 with ACSI, and ACT Aspire has been discontinued by ACT. Do you need assistance transitioning to a new assessment program for the 2022—2023 school year? ACSI offers multiple programs to include Iowa Assessments, Classic Learning Test, and ACT. Many of these programs include both paper/pencil and online testing options. As well, there are admissions, benchmark, placement, and summative assessments, including adaptive and fixed formats.

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Fall Testing Spring Testing Assessment Benchmarks Online Testing
College/Career Readiness Solutions
The ACT - ACT District Testing
ACT District Testing —
ACT Administration at Your School
PreACT 8/9

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