Connecting Students to a Biblical View of Science

PDP's inquiry-based 3rd edition textbook series provides a hands-on approach to science education that develops students' critical thinking skills. Students will learn the processes and language of science integrated with a biblical worldview.
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Purposeful Design Publications Science Series Student Edition
Elementary Series Student Edition Features:
  • For Grades 1-4: consumable, full-color student books with a take-home booklet for each chapter
Purposeful Design Publications Science Series Teacher Edition
Elementary Series Teacher Edition Features:
  • Embedded student book pages for easy cross-referencing
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Online resources including blackline masters, digital displays, and computer presentations
PDP Early Education / Preschool Bible Series
PDP Elementary Science Series
PDP Upper Level Science Series
Flourishing School Culture, The Five Domains of Flourishing, Teaching and Learning

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