Riverside Insights CogAT Information

Riverside Insights CogAT Information

Optimize Instruction for All Students with the Ability Test More Educators Choose

Getting insights into students’ cognitive abilities opens a whole new realm of possibilities—teachers can tailor instruction to match how students learn, students are considered for enrichment programs that pique their interest and challenge their thinking, and gaps between student achievement and ability are uncovered.

CogAT Brochure The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT®), the most widely used and trusted abilities test, makes it all happen. CogAT measures abilities across the symbol systems that are most highly correlated with fluid reasoning, problem solving, and success in school. With its separate measures of Verbal, Quantitative, and Nonverbal reasoning, this research-based and proven test provides multiple perspectives on student ability across grades K–12.

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT®) Form 7 measures students' verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal reasoning abilities and assists educators in determining instructional strategies.

Authored by Dr. David F. Lohman of the University of Iowa and Dr. Joni Lakin of Auburn University, nationally recognized experts on abilities assessments, Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT®) continues to:
  • Measure three separate cognitive domains to provide a more comprehensive perspective on a student’s reasoning abilities
  • Offer superior technical quality
  • Link teachers to instructional strategies through unique Ability Profiles
  • Deliver predictive data in conjunction with the Iowa Assessments™ to highlight significant discrepancies between expected and actual academic achievement

  • Normative Update: 2017 norms offer an updated national comparison.

    Insights into Learning Preferences: Unique Ability Profiles not only show how a student’s reasoning abilities compare with those of other students overall but also highlight areas of relative strength or weakness to help drive teaching and learning strategies. Visit the Ability Profile Interpretation Site for details.

    EL Friendly: Forms 7 and 8 further level the playing field for English learners by introducing improvements such as picture-based item types and a reduced language load.

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Measures Broad Range of Student Performance: The addition of more challenging items at each level helps reduce the need for out-of-level testing.

Screening Form: The Screening Form provides districts with the ability to offer a quick and reliable data point when screening for accelerated programs.

Professional Development and Support: Teachers and administrators may view interactive web content and videos, review pre-testing instructions, and learn instructional strategies based on student performance to help answer “what’s next” questions.

Flexibility in Administration: CogAT provides educators with flexible methods of administration and scoring—online administration with audio available in English and Spanish, optional Screener to Complete, and Alternative-Verbal scale for English learners.

Reporting Options: Age and grade normative scores, local norms, separate and composite scores for ability batteries, and the Ability Profile Score provide multiple data points for use in identification and instruction.

Powerful Web-Based Reporting

DataManager is your single source of support for your Riverside Insights assessment program. DataManager allows you to streamline the management and reporting of Iowa Assessments™ Forms E and G and the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT©) Forms 7.

DataManager offers more flexibility in working with data than a static paper report, as well as the ability to create dynamic displays with the click of a mouse. Compare data by different classes, different buildings, or review summary data for content area totals. You also can drill down to individual tests and analyze performance on diagnostic skill clusters and use the information to inform instruction.

DataManager features robust Iowa Assessments reporting that includes 42 Web–based reports. View sample reports for Iowa Assessments and the Cogtitive Abilities Test

Follow this link to learn more about the Digital Resource Library.
Follow this link to learn more about DataManager (Online Reporting System).

Assessment Support

All schools that use the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT®) have unlimited access to DataManager's extensive digital resource library. DataManager can help you in every phase of assessment — from preparing to test to interpreting the results.


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