Connecting Students to a Biblical View of Science

PDP Elementary Science 3rd Edition
Draw your students into the awe and amazement of creation through God’s eyes with the newly revised first- and second-grade science textbook from Purposeful Design Publications. Grounded in biblical worldview, the series enables students to learn how to do science, not just about it. They will grow through experiential, hands-on learning based on scientific-inquiry investigations and engineering-design-process activities. PDP Elementary Science 3rd Edition Open Teacher Edition

Teachers will benefit from the NSES and NGSS coding of lessons, along with differentiated instruction ideas and cross-curricular extension activities.

This third edition of Purposeful Design's Elementary Science will enable teachers to train up the next generation to recognize God’s handiwork all around them and marvel at His intelligent design.
Purposeful Design Publications Science Series 3rd Edition Teacher Edition

Elementary Science Third Edition Series Features

  • Experiential, hands-on learning approach
  • NSES and NGSS standards met with each lesson
  • Inclusion of scientific-inquiry investigations and engineering-design-process activities
  • Content and biblical worldview objectives centering on answering three questions:
    1. Who is God?
    2. Who is man?
    3. What is the nature of the world around you?
  • Differentiated instruction ideas
  • Questions based on critical thinking, depth of knowledge, and Bloom’s taxonomy

Listen to what some of our textbook editors have to say about the new Science 3rd Edition.

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Coming in 2024!

For additional information or to learn about a 60-day preview copy, contact your Educational Resource Consultant (ERC).