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Mission Statement

To provide resources and assessments, including academically rigorous textbooks that are intentionally rooted in biblical truth, to equip schools and educators with the tools to eternally transform the hearts and minds of children.
Dr. Larry Taylor, ACSI President

“Our prayer is that every child using Purposeful Design textbooks will experience learning how God’s larger story is woven into all things. Our one desire is for every child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in loving discipleship.”

– Dr. Larry Taylor, ACSI President

Purposeful Design Publications (PDP) exists: 1) to EQUIP teachers with the very best textbooks and resources for their classrooms; 2) to INSPIRE educators and students to be lifelong learners, spiritually and academically; and 3) to SERVE the Christian school movement effectively.
PDP is clearly in the bullseye of the mission of ACSI to equip Christian school educators and to strengthen Christian schools through both textbooks and the Christian School Assessment Program.
Both aspects of PDP (textbooks and the assessment program) are greatly enhanced by a program of training that is provided for both textbook users and assessment program participants. This training program provides hands-on assistance for teachers in making the best use of PDP textbooks through a cadre of trainers from across the United States. Assessment program training is offered to schools to help them make the best use of test data in linking test results to classroom instruction.
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Choosing the right textbooks is an important decision for your school, both financially and foundationally. Purposeful Design Publications textbooks are intentionally created with these five core values:

We believe in a strong commitment to an authentic and integrated biblical worldview.


We believe that textbooks must include best practices, be research based, and adhere to rigorous standards that meet or exceed national and other college-and-career-readiness standards.


We believe that textbooks are tools in the hands of teachers to help them achieve the desired educational outcomes.


We believe in providing a solid instructional foundation that incorporates additional instruction and activities for each lesson, allowing teachers easy flexibility and instructional indvidualization.


We believe in supporting educators with ongoing training to build and maintain confidence to maximize their use of PDP textbooks.



Publishing has been at the heart of the work of ACSI since its founding in 1978. Dr. Paul Kienel and Dr. Roy Lowrie, the first executives of ACSI, were prolific writers, particularly addressing philosophical issues for both educators and parents about the rapidly growing Christian school movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
In the mid-1980s, ACSI stepped into the textbook publishing arena where two other publishers already had prominence. The reason for and subsequent ramping up of textbook publishing was clear: Christian school educators merit having high quality textbooks that reflect the most current and relevant educational practices. ACSI stepped into this endeavor intentionally and eagerly.
In 2003, the publishing division of ACSI was rebranded as Purposeful Design Publications (PDP). The name itself reflects the Association’s intentionality as a publisher – to produce textbooks and professional development resources that reflect God as both the Creator and Sustainer of all of life and His purposefulness in communicating with His creation. Purposeful Design textbooks and professional development resources are just that: purposefully designed and developed to reflect God and His creation and to meet the instructional needs of Christian school educators and students.
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