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ACSI announces the ACSI Bible Assessment (ABA) as a stand-alone, standardized (norm-referenced) test. In the past the ABA was included with the TerraNova 3, ACSI Edition achievement test. This version of the ABA will be available for administration in the Spring of 2023. This test was developed by ACSI and is now available as an online test with a paper/pencil option through the EdPower testing and scoring platform.
Digital Option and Paper/Pencil Option
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The ABA focuses on students' knowledge, understanding, and life application of scripture. It is designed to assist Christian educators in identifying the mastery level of students in these three areas, and, as a program diagnostic tool, support these educators in evaluating their school's Bible instructional program. It is hopeful that this test and the test results will stir an on ongoing dialogue in schools—a dialogue that is both deep and thoughtful about the role that Bible instruction plays in the curriculum and in the development of students.

The ABA was developed as a K—12 assessment by a team of 100 Christian school educators, who were trained to write test items. These writers represented all grade levels and a variety of Christian schools, utilizing the most commonly used Bible textbooks and series among Christian Schools. Test development was a three-year process that included the design of the test blueprint (scope and sequence) writing of over 1,500 possible items, trial testing, finalization of the test for norming and the administration of the norming.

The ABA includes:

  • Process Clusters—At all grade levels- Knowledge, Comprehension, Application
  • Content Clusters—Vary depending on grade level. Examples include: creation, Christ, Old and New Testament Bible stories, Bible organization and structure, the Church, and Christian living.
Since the ABA is not connected to any assessment program, it will allow Christian schools the freedom to add it to their unique schoolwide assessment plan.

The ABA is a normed and standardized assessment which provides a Performance Standard (criterion-referenced measure). Criterion referenced scores determine the level of mastery that a correct answer demonstrates.

The ABA score reports include number of items possible, the number of correct answers (raw score) by the student, the percentage correct, and performance standard/level to that result. The standard will indicate one of four performance levels:

Level 1:     Below Basic—Little or no mastery of fundamental knowledge or skills
Level 2:     Basic—Partial mastery of the knowledge needed for satisfactory work.
Level 3:     Proficient—Solid academic performance beyond the fundamental level.
Level 4:     Advanced—Superior performance beyond grade level mastery.

Score reports will include:

  • Individual Student Performance Report
  • Performance Band Report
  • Class Standard Level Performance Report

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