The Most Comprehensive Assessment of Achievement in Spanish
Available Online & Paper/Pencil!

Logramos® Third Edition is the next generation in group administered achievement tests in Spanish.

Logramos Third Edition now offers a choice of either online or paper administration, and parallels the scope and sequence of the Iowa Assessments™ by measuring achievement of Spanish-speaking students from Grades K through 8 in: Reading, Language, Mathematics, Social Studies*, and Science*.

In addition, Logramos offers important distinctions in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, usage and expression, rules of accentuation, verb formation, and conjugation—all of which aid in accurately measuring the achievement of today’s Spanish-speaking students.

*Available for Grades 1-8
Logramos, Third Edition, includes:
  • Measurement of critical thinking skills through test items that measure higher-order cognitive skills across all content areas, including Science and Social Studies
  • Identification of student strengths and weaknesses for relative comparisons by content areas and skills across groups and individuals
  • Comparisons of student performance to that of local and national groups, according to research-based evidence
  • Growth monitoring within and between years through the use of a continuous vertical scale that measures change over time
  • Valid and reliable data to support school system requirements for accountability
  • The use of Spanish vocabulary that is common among students from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries
  • Convenient and Powerful Scoring and Reporting
    • Choice of either online or paper/pencil administration with scanning and scoring of answer documents
    • Full suite of paper-based reports, including:
      • List of student scores
      • Student profile narrative in Spanish and English
      • Individual performance profile
      • Group performance profile
    • Web-based reporting available through DataManager
    • Collection of ancillaries parallel to those of the Iowa Assessments, including a Planning and Implementation Guide

Student Profile Narrative in Spanish

Student Profile Narrative in English

Individual Performance Profile

List of Student Scores

Group Profile

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