Educational Resource Consultants


Purposeful Design Publications is pleased and honored to partner with Palmetto Fortis Marketing, LLC, to connect its experienced team of Educational Resource Consultants to your school for both TEXTBOOK and ASSESSMENT products and services.


The toll-free phone number, map, and contact list below will help guide you to the proper ERC.


Educational Resource Consultants Map
Julia DeenJulia Deen (Ext. 703)

California, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota

Callie SummerCallie Summer (Ext. 710)

South Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Maryland, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Tennessee

Aaron Higgs Aaron Higgs (Ext. 702)

Alaska, Hawaii, International

Jamie Mellor Jamie Mellor (Ext. 706)

Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York

Dan KirsopDan Kirsop (Ext. 704)

Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Louisiana, New Jersey

Brenda LoveBrenda Love (Ext. 705)

Florida, Missouri, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont

Alice BrownleeAlice Brownlee (Ext. 701)

North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, Delaware, Kansas, Oklahoma

Rebecca Wiles Rebecca Wiles (Ext. 711)

Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming, Idaho, Ohio


For Assessment Only:

Anna QuinbyAnna Quinby (Ext. 708)
Michele MorganMichele Morgan (Ext. 707)