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Elementary Speech & Rhetoric Program: Voices of Tomorrow

Elementary Speech & Rhetoric Program: Voices of Tomorrow

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Voices of Tomorrow is an in-school program that provides schools with all the resources they will need to facilitate a Speech & Rhetoric opportunity for students in grades 1-6. The Speech & Rhetoric opportunity is designed to nurture and enhance the public speaking skills of students through a biblical worldview lens. It's an engaging opportunity for students to express themselves, build confidence and make lasting improvements in their communication skills.

Voices of Tomorrow also serves as a Challenge Module providing all the materials needed for teachers to hold an in-house, multi-school Speech & Rhetoric Challenge, including:

  • Teacher Implementation Guide
  • Retrieval activities that help students access prior knowledge
  • Grade level program adaptations
  • Biblical Worldview Implementation Guide with a Student Reflection Activity
  • Interactive activities to introduce each year's theme
  • Graphic organizers and infographics that aid students in speech development
  • Materials to support judges
  • Multi-School competition resources available in multiple formats (Google Forms & Microsoft Forms, Google Docs, Word/PDF)

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Student Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate improved verbal communication, articulation, and clarity in expressing their thoughts and ideas
  • Foster confidence in God’s ability to guide through difficult situations, and to work through our nervousness to build assurance in articulating His truths
  • Develop the ability to organize coherent thoughts, creating well-structured speeches with clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Enhance student’s active listening skills and ability to provide constructive feedback to their peers
  • Encourage students to reflect on their speeches, identify areas for improvement, and actively work towards refining their communication skills

Orator’s Showcase: 
The Orator's Showcase is the culminating event of the Voices of Tomorrow Speech & Rhetoric program, providing a platform for students to present their speeches and receive constructive feedback. The format is flexible and can be implemented for one school or many schools.