LAS Links K–12 Placement Tests

K-12 Placement Tests

1st Edition and 2nd Edition

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The LAS Links K-12 Placement Test - 1st Edition covers speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and places students into one of three proficiency levels: Not Proficient, Approaching Proficiency, and Proficient. Administration of LAS Links English for students in the Approaching Proficiency range offers a clear diagnostic view of proficiency in English.

The LAS Links K-12 Placement Test - 2nd Edition provides a screening tool for qualified school personnel to administer, score and interpret the results for placement of students in appropriate English Language Learner (ELL) programs. The test is based on three dimensions of language proficiency: conversational fluency (communicative language), discrete English skills (specific aspects of English linguistic knowledge), and academic language.

Features Common to Both Editions:
  • Quick and easy test for initial placement of K-12 students
  • Assessment of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills
  • Paper and pencil test takes 30 minutes or less to administer

  • Features Unique to 1st Edition:
  • Complementary to any language proficiency program
  • Corresponds with LAS Links Forms A and B
  • Features Unique to 2nd Edition:
  • Provides a balance of constructed-response and multiple-choice items
  • Language for social, instructional, and intercultural communications
  • Language in academic settings
  • Corresponds with LAS Links Forms C and D and Español B
  • For use in states adopting College and Careet Readiness Standards

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