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Connect High Measurement Standards to Flexibility Tailored to Each Student

IowaFlex Adaptive Assessment from Riverside Insights

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The Iowa Assessments brand is universally recognized for evidence-based, psychometrically sound assessments that measure student achievement and growth. Now Riverside Insights offers a new assessment from the same trusted team in a contemporary, adaptive format that delivers flexible measures of reading and math achievement to inform classroom instruction and measure student progress toward end-of-year mastery of core content.  IowaFlex connects the high measurement standards of the Iowa Assessments to the flexibility of a custom testing experience for students.

Plus, IowaFlex is offered as an assessment in both Reading and Math, or it can be administered as a stand-alone, single subject test. Flexible administration allows schools and districts to track growth and proficiency throughout the school year.



IowaFlex connects the high measurement standards of the Iowa Assessments™ to the flexibility of an adaptive testing experience tailored to each individual student’s ability level. Watch our brief introductory video to learn more!

  • K-8 Reading and Math online benchmark assessment
  • Administered in a single class period
  • Data immediately available upon testing, in just 3 clicks
  • Measures student growth on standards
  • Select math domains to assess according to your pacing guide

Flexibility for Educators

Test as you teach

Select specific math domains to assess for each grade based on your school’s pacing guide. Save what’s being taught later in the school year for assessment at a later date.

Schedule and test with minimal classroom disruption

Reading and math tests take only 45 minutes to complete and can be scheduled one to three times annually based on the needs of your measurement program.

Interact with all new analytics displays

Each display is tailored to specific educators’ data analysis needs. Drill down, disaggregate, filter, compare, isolate groups, and more.


Flexibility for Students

  • The adaptive testing experience tailors item selection to each student’s ability level.
  • Create an unbiased opportunity for all students to demonstrate what they’ve learned as they’re being taught.
  • Actionable data supports iterative cycles of instructional planning, teaching, and progress measurement.
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