LAS Links Online Assessments (K-12)

Online Format Eliminates One-on-One Testing

With LAS Links Online®, all domain assessments for speaking, listening, reading, and writing are group-administered, eliminating the need for one-on-one assessment found in traditional paper-and-pencil testing. LAS Links Online records and stores spoken and open-ended written responses in a digital format for ease of scoring. Automated scoring handles multiple choice responses and hosts all results on a Web-based reporting system for immediate data access and analysis.

Schools use LAS Links Online language proficiency assessments to:
  • Empower more language learners to test online simultaneously.
  • Group-administer reading, writing, listening, and speaking assessments—eliminating the need for one-on-one testing found with traditional paper-and-pencil assessments.
  • Minimize the time needed for administration and scoring, saving districts considerable expense.
  • Provide opportunities for “on-demand” testing.
  • Capture students’ spoken and written responses electronically.

  • Immediately access informative diagnostic reports to determine vital information about a student’s English and/or Spanish language proficiency.

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    The LAS Links Online digital library is a vast collection of brochures, overview documents, informational sheets, and various training videos.

    LAS Links Brochures:

    LAS Links AEL Overview

    LAS Links Online
    2nd Ed. Sample Reports

    What LAS Links Online Offers

    Demonstrate Language Ability in an Academic Context:
  • Derive meaning
  • Draw conclusions
  • Work with extended text passages
  • Use correct sentence structure
  • Interact with academic context-based vocabulary

  • So, What Can LAS Links Online Do for You?
    1. Allow administrators and educators to manage the test set-up process, administer the test, and view reports fully online.
    2. Share easy–to–read reports and graphs with teachers and administrators to inform instruction, and if needed, recommend remediation.
    3. Save, import, or export student data and test results to eliminate the need for paper–and–pencil materials helping save time, money, and the environment.
    4. Offer new forms on a yearly basis, providing the freshest academic and social language content to better measure language proficiency within and across content areas.

    Additional Resources for Your Benefit:

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  • Additional Resources:
    CTB Online Reporting System

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