Language Proficiency – LAS Links

K-12 Assessments - 1st Edition and 2nd Edition

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The LAS Links assessment measures speaking, listening, reading, and writing for:

  Grades: K-12
  Forms: 4-A, B, C, & D

The assessment meets all:
  • United States Title III requirements
  • Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) standards
  • College and Career Readiness Standards

  • LAS Links provides items that challenge students to demonstrate their language ability in an academic context by asking students to:
  • Derive meaning
  • Draw conclusions
  • Work with extended text passages
  • Use correct sentence structure
  • Interacct with academic context-based vocabulary

  • Of course, social language remains an important element of a student's ability to collaborate with peers and get along in school. LAS Links continues to measure language proficiency in social, as well as academic contexts.

    LAS Links Assessments Overview

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