Fox Letters & Numbers
Literacy Benchmarks

Fox Numbers & Letters
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Rhyme Recognition: Given pairs of words, identifies rhyming pairs. Syllable Clapping: Given one- to three-syllable words, represents syllables with hand claps.
    Identifying Same / Different Words: Given pairs of words, distinguishes which words are the same and which are different.
  • First Sound Game
Naming Letters: Given uppercase and lowercase letters in print, names the letters. Naming Letter Sounds: Given lowercase letters, makes the sound associated with each letter.
Identifying Same / Different Sounds: When presented with sounds made by different objects, identifies the sounds that are the same or different. Following Direction: When presented with a three- or four-step physical task, performs the steps in the correct order. Story Retell: After hearing a story, retells the story by describing the plot and characters and predicts future events. Labeling Objects: Given pictures of objects, correctly identifies each object. Position Words: When presented with a picture and specific directions, finds an object in a specific location in that picture. Opposites: Given a word, states the opposite word.
Differentiates Numbers / Letters / Print: Given a picture that includes numbers, letters, and words, points to a number, letter and a word. Handling a Book: When presented with a book, finds the front and back of the book, the beginning of the story and identifies letters and words.