Fox Letters & Numbers
Mathematics Benchmarks

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Mathematics Benchmarks

  • Number and Operations
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Algebra
  • Data Analysis


    Finding How Many: Given concrete materials, counts with one-to-one correspondence and recognizes "how many" in a group of fewer than 10 objects.
  • Counting Clips

  • Numbers to 10: Given numerals, pictures and names that represent numbers less than 10.
  • Number and Picture Shuffle
  • Many Pennies
  • Sea Spots

  • Conservation of Number: Given concrete materials, conserves numbers up to 5.
  • Number Conservation Part 1
  • Number Conservation Part 2

  • More or Fewer: Given pictures of real-world contexts, states whether there will be more or fewer at the end of an addition or subtraction problem.
  • More or Less?
  • What Do You Think?

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    Identifies Shape: Given a set of geometric shapes, names the shapes and describes one attribute of each.
  • Triangles
  • Squares
  • Triangles and Squares
  • Round is a Circle

  • Matches Shapes: Given pictures, matches simple geometric shapes.
  • Find the Triangles
  • Geo-board Triangles

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    Comparing: Given pictures, compares objects by size, height and weight.
  • Heavy or Light?

  • Time of Day: Given real-world contexts, names the time of day an everyday event would occur.
  • Day or Night?

  • Conservation of Length: Given concrete objects, conserves length.
  • Still the Same
  • Conservation of Length

  • Nonstandard Units: Given concrete materials, uses nonstandard units to measure length.
  • Beginnings and Endings
  • How Many Cubes?

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    Patterns: Given concrete materials, identifies and extends two category patterns.
  • Blocks and Patterns
  • Pasta Patterns
  • Movement Patterns

  • Sorting: Given concrete materials, sorts, classifies and compares by color, size or shape.
  • What's My Sort?
  • Sorting Lids
  • Sorts and Classifies

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    Comparing Groups of Objects: Given concrete materials sorted into two groups, compares, contrasts and labels the groups.
  • Small Blocks, Big Blocks
  • Cracker Shapes
  • Groups and Labels

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