Bible: Early Education, 3rd Edition, Teacher Textbook

Bible: Early Education, 3rd Edition, Teacher Textbook

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The Purposeful Design eight-level Bible textbook series has been developed to accomplish the following:

  • Provide multiple opportunities for students to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ
  • Nurture ways for students to grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • Engage students on a regular basis with the Scriptures including memorization
  • Present daily opportunities for students to apply Bible truths to their lives, connecting biblical principles with real-life needs
  • Emphasize the development of Christlike character in your students
Series features include:
  • Full-color student and teacher books
  • The teacher edition includes embedded student book pages
  • Weekly review and assessment
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Stand-alone lessons for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter
  • Compatible with any Bible translation
  • Online resources include: Blackline Masters, Chapel Programs, Music and Lyrics, Visual Aids and Parent Letters

The Visual Aids set is part of the Teacher Edition. If you require another set of Visual Aids (Product Code 1030EE3VA) you can order them separately.

Copyright: Third Edition 2019

ISBN: Print 978-1-58331-599-6; E-book 978-1-58331-613-9