Purposeful Design Math Series

This is your best resource for providing your students with appropriate challenge while connecting the study of Mathematics to real life.

Purposeful Design Mathematics series is designed to strengthen teachers' insights about mathematics education and to assist them in the practicalities of lesson preparation with enough varied activities to suit a wide range of students and classes.




Elementary Math (Levels 1-6, Second Edition)

PDP Elementary Math

Purposeful Design Mathematics emphasizes skill development and concept understanding. A primary goal of Purposeful Design Mathematics is for students to become skilled in mathematical algorithims—the processes and formulas for doing math accurately—but more importantly for students to develop a strong and deep understanding of the math concepts being studied, that is, they will not only get right answers but they will be able to explain why the answers are correct as well.

Features and components of this series: 

PDP Math Teacher Edition
  • Prominent use of manipulatives incorporating hands-on instruction
  • Devotional features drawing students to God as Creator
  • Themes that integrate the patterns and numbers of God's creation
  • Supplemental exercises—books of blackline masters for grades 1, 2, and 3—containing activities for review, enrichment, and recovery.
  • Real-life examples providing relevancy for students
  • Lesson design focusing on success for all students

  • Teacher  Resources:

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    Intermediate Math (Courses A and B, Grades 7-8)
    Available in E-book format only.

    PDP Math:  Intermediate MathThis two-course intermediate mathematics course is designed to prepare middle-school students for mathematics at the high school level. Algebra and geometry strands are developed in a sequential, thorough manner that builds on the concepts and skills presented in the Purposeful Design Mathematics series for elementary school. Students will be challenged with real-life connections in each of the following areas:
  • Concept understanding
  • Skill development
  • Mathematical thinking
  • Strategies for problem solving "The Transformed Lives" feature contains testimonies of adults, encouraging students in their personal walk with Jesus Christ.

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