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Fall 108 TCM Christian School Program Scoring Package:

Christian School Program Scoring Package Reports and Optional Reports

Best Practices for Returning Materials for Scoring to Ensure Accurate Results: Video

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TerraNova 3 Precoded Barcode Labels

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Spring 2020 Checklist

NOTE: Schools that did not complete Online Enrollment will not be able to have their tests machine scored. Please contact ACSI Care Team as soon as possible to order resources for self-scoring the school's tests.

October 2019-May 2020 Order Testing Materials

January 6-31, 2020 Online Enrollment and Precoded Barcode Upload - Collection Window 1

February 6-28, 2020 Online Enrollment and Precoded Barcode Upload - Collection Window 2

March 2020 Spring EARLY Test Window

February 17-21, 2020 Test Coordinator Kit Delivery - Window 1

March 16-20, 2020 Test Coordinator Kit Delivery - Window 2

April-May 2020 Spring REGULAR Test Window

May 31, 2020 Last day to receive scorable materials from schools. Materials received after June 12 cannot be scored.

May-July 2020 Scoring invoices are shipped to schools. Penalty fees invoices are shipped in July through August.


Learn more about the following resources:
  • Teacher's Guide to TerraNova, Third Edition
  • Classroom Connections to TerraNova CD (Grades 2–9)
  • Special Accommodations Supplement—Prepare for Special Populations
  • Bible Assessment Subtest Administrator's Guide

  • Administration Time and Item Count per Assessment (TerraNova 3, InView)

    Communicating Achievement Test Results with Parents—Christian School Educators Magazine (Volume 16, Issue 3)

    Practice Activities:
  • TerraNova, Third Edition (Grades K–12)
  • InView (Levels 1–6, Grades 2–12)

  • Parent Letter

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