TerraNova 3 CSP Edition with Bible

TerraNova 3 CSP Edition with Bible

Helping Christian Educators Bridge the Gap Between Challenge and Opportunity


Core: Reading ● Language ● Mathematics ● Science ● Social Studies
Plus tests: Vocabulary ● Language Mechanics ● Math Computation ● Spelling ● Word Analysis


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TerraNova®, CSP Third Edition for Grades K–12 is a breakthrough assessment solution that builds on one of America's most innovative and respected standardized achievement tests and helps Christian schools meet high expectations for student success.

TerraNova 3 Supports Christian Educators by:

  • Informing instruction with data that highlights students' strengths and weaknesses
  • Delivering easy-to-understand reports for parents and community leaders
  • Linking student scores to instructional activities
  • Featuring content that is engaging and relevant
  • Aligning to common curriculum goals

Reinforcing Parent and Community Support

Enhance parent communication about student performance. TerraNova 3 Reports can also supplement community outreach in your school and improve student learning.

Assessing Cognitive Abilities and Skills for Academic Success

InView tests for Grades 2-12 can be administered in conjunction with TerraNova 3 to reliably measure skills such as understanding verbal and quantitative concepts, and analyzing and comprehending relationships between verbal and nonverbal stimuli. Combined InView and TerraNova 3 reporting is provided when both tests are administered.
Note: If the school is looking for a K-1 option, please click here.
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