Iowa Assessments — Order for Scoring Services & Barcode Labels

Be prepared to complete your Order for Scoring Services and order Barcode Labels.

For schools using the Spring, Summer, or Back to School testing options, you do not need to complete OSS a second time, if you already registered for Spring 2020.

    •  Schools use the existing Spring 2020 Scoring Service Packets to package and return materials.
        ◦  No need to register for scoring, as the Spring 2020 OSS rolls over automatically.
    •  Schools may use existing Spring 2020 barcode labels on test booklets/answer sheets.

Required for ALL schools using machine scoring (not schools that self–score).

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Spring 2020 Test Coordinator ManualSpring 2020 Test
Coordinator Manual

Step 1: Complete Your Order for Scoring Services

Registration with Riverside confirms that your tests will be machine scored and test results will be delivered online via DataManager.

To complete the Order for Scoring Services registration form, please be prepared with the following information:
  • School name, address, and ACSI account number
  • Name of school's test coordinator, test coordinator's email address, and phone number
  • Opt in to order Barcode Labels

  • Step 2: DataManager Account Set-up

  • If the school is NEW to the program, the Test Coordinator will receive a DataManager welcome email within 5 business days of completing OSS (sample email).
  •           • The DataManager invitation will come from .
  • If the school is an existing user, a DataManager email will not be sent.

  • Step 3: Scoring Services Packet

  • AFTER the initial shipments, schools will receive the OSS Packet within ten (10) business days after completing the Order for Scoring Services. The OSS Packet is shipped separately from the Barcode Labels.
  • See below for Barcode Label information.

  • Spring Order for Scoring Services

    DataManager Access Letter Sample

    Scoring Service Packet includes:

  • Key Test Dates and Info / Scoring Letter
  • Order Form for Riverside Scoring Service*
  • Premarked Building Identification Sheet
  • Class Identification Sheets*
  •           • UPS RS Instruction Sheet (sample document)
              • UPS Return Service Labels*
  • Processing Labels*

  • Purple Box Label Instructions
    Purple Box Label Template - 1x3in
    Purple Box Label Template - 1.5x2.75in

    Step 4: Barcode Labels (optional)

    AFTER completing the Order for Scoring Services – if you selected "Yes" or "Unsure" to order barcode labels:

    1.  NEW Testers: The Test Coordinator will receive two autogenerated emails within 5-7 business days.
              • The first email will contain the school's unique user name (sample email)
                 and a link to the secure Online Barcode Ordering system website to
                 upload Student Roster data.
              • The second email will contain your unique password, along with other
                 important site instructions.

    2.  PRIOR Testers: The Test Coordinator will receive an autogenerated email reminding you to complete your barcode order and submit a student data file.

    3.  Schools will receive step-by-step instructions in the email and additional help for Online Barcode Ordering is available. The resources listed below will be accessible in the Online Barcode Ordering System.

    Step 1: Open email for the school's credentials and use them to log in to the school's Online Barcode Ordering site.

    Step 2: Open the Online Barcode Ordering Guide (interactive) (also available in DataManager under the Iowa Assessment Digital Resources)
              • Schools will download the barcode file template from the system, or click here.
              • Select the folder "Test Forms Iowa EFG, CogAT 7..." for the correct file.

    Step 3: Complete the Barcode Form.

    Step 4: Upload the school barcode file and submit.

    4.  Barcode labels will be shipped within 10 business days after the school's student roster has been uploaded.
              • Instructions for Applying Barcode Labels

    *Only current year's forms may be used. Contact ACSI Care Team if additional forms are needed.

    Step 5: Optional Reports (print copies only, at additional cost)

  • Schools have the option to order optional paper reports from Riverside.
  •           • Optional printed reports are ordered when you complete the
                 Order Form for Scoring Services that is included in your OSS Packet.
              • Click here to view the sample Optional Reports.
              • Optional printed reports will be mailed to the school.

    Note: If the Scoring Service Packet is not received within 10-15 business days, please contact ACSI Care Team.

    If you are in need of additional assistance, contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798.