Bible: Grade 1, 3rd Edition, Student Textbook

Bible: Grade 1, 3rd Edition, Student Textbook

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ISBN: 978-1-58331-627.6

The Purposeful Design eight-level Bible textbook series has been developed to accomplish the following:

  • Provide multiple opportunities for students to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ
  • Nurture ways for students to grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • Engage students on a regular basis with the Scriptures including memorization
  • Present daily opportunities for students to apply Bible truths to their lives, connecting biblical principles with real-life needs
  • Emphasize the development of Christlike character in your students
Series features include:
  • Full-color student and teacher books
  • The teacher edition includes embedded student book pages
  • Weekly review and assessment
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Stand-alone lessons for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter
  • Compatible with any Bible translation
  • Online resources include: blackline masters, PowerPoint presentations, Chapel programs, 11-foot Bible timeline, Bible story visual aids and music (visual aids and music are available for Preschool through Grade 2 only)

The Visual Aids set is part of the Teacher Edition. If you require another set of Visual Aids (Product Code 103013VA) you can order them separately.

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