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Math: Grade 6, Student Textbook (Second Edition)

Math: Grade 6, Student Textbook (Second Edition)

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Flourishing School Culture, The Five Domains of Flourishing, Teaching and LearningThe Purposeful Design 9-level math series was developed to provide a strong mathematical foundation that will accomplish the following:
  • Engage students to understanding math concepts taught through manipulative use and modeling
  • Provide necessary practice for students to carry out mathematical procedures accurately and efficiently
  • Foster problem-solving skills through grade-level appropriate problem-solving guides and real-life application
  • Lead students to see math as sensible, useful, and doable
  • Prepare students to be mathematical thinkers, skilled to be successful at the next level

The Grade 6 Student Text features:
  • Concept development and problem solving as well as computational skills
  • Prominent use of manipulatives incorporating hands-on instruction
  • Connections to other school subjects and to careers<
  • Theme (In His Image) that integrates the patterns and numbers in God's creation
  • An easy-to-remember problem-solving guide
  • Real-life examples
  • Lessons focus on success for all students

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ISBN: Print 978-1-58331-587-3; E-book 978-1-58331-608-5

Copyright: Second Edition 2017