Mission Directed: Governing your Christian School with Purpose

Mission Directed: Governing your Christian School with Purpose

Leonard Stob

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Pages: 267

School governance matters. A school’s governance model determines the answer to three critical questions: How does the school identify and protect its foundational beliefs? How does the school develop and promote its vision and mission? How does the school identify the roles of those in authority, determine the process for decision making, and ensure accountability? This book introduces, describes, and advocates for the mission-directed governance model. This model has been effective in helping leaders of Christian schools more effectively address organization, purpose, and priority through an organizational structure that will challenge familiar traditions and culture; liberate and motivate leaders, faculty, and staff; and reduce internal conflicts and politics. Under the mission-directed governance model the school will be encouraged to define its ideals and to more consciously focus and coordinate every aspect of the organization toward accomplishing its mission and vision while holding fast to its essential positions of faith and philosophy.

ISBN: Print 978-1-58331-551-4; E-book 978-1-58331-372-5