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Assess More Measure Less BrochureThe Iowa Assessments from Riverside Insights are evidence-based, psychometrically sound assessments that measure student achievement and growth against next generation learning standards for grades K–12. And thanks to an efficient test design and powerful reporting, the Iowa Assessments allow you to assess less but measure more.

The Iowa Assessments Forms E and G are equivalent and built to the same blueprint and content specifications. They yield comparable interpretations and produce the same detailed reports at skill and item levels, providing ideal support for pre- and post-testing models.

The 2017 norms provide the most up-to-date national comparisons of student performance.

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The Iowa Assessments enable administrators and educators to:
  • Monitor growth using a continuous, researched-based, vertical scale to accurately measure academic progress from kindergarten through high school

  • Indicate College and Career Readiness through high-quality, easily accessible, and interpretable assessment data that helps educators and families determine whether students are on track for college and careers, including predicted ACT® and SAT® scores beginning at Grade 6

  • Evaluate student mastery of next generation skills and rigorous learning standards for Grades K-12

  • All while offering:
    1. The option to administer Complete, Core, or Survey batteries
    2. Items that align to one of three cognitive levels, providing an additional view of mastery
    3. Skill and core domain alignment and reporting
    4. A reporting suite that includes Lexile® and Quantile® measures
    5. Ancillaries that include printed materials and online videos and training materials
    6. Reporting aligned to current best–in–class state, national, and international benchmarks and standards of educational achievement
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Powerful Web-Based Reporting

DataManager is your single source of support for your Riverside Insights assessment program. DataManager allows you to streamline the management and reporting of Iowa Assessments™ Forms E and G and the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT©) Forms 7.

DataManager offers more flexibility in working with data than a static paper report, as well as the ability to create dynamic displays with the click of a mouse. Compare data by different classes, different buildings, or review summary data for content area totals. You also can drill down to individual tests and analyze performance on diagnostic skill clusters and use the information to inform instruction.

DataManager features robust Iowa Assessments reporting that includes 42 Web–based reports. View sample reports for Iowa Assessments and the Cognitive Abilities Test

Follow this link to learn more about the Digital Resource Library.
Follow this link to learn more about DataManager (Online Reporting System).

Assessment Support

All schools that use the Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®) have unlimited access to DataManager's extensive digital resource library. DataManager can help you in every phase of assessment – from preparing to test to interpreting the results.


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