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Iowa Test and Score Descriptions
Iowa Test and Score Descriptions

ACSI Basic Scoring Package

All ACSI Basic Scoring Reports for Iowa Assessments and the Cognitive Abilities Test are delivered through DataManager. Some reports can be purchased as optional paper reports if desired.

Report Center in DataManager

The DataManager platform allows access to data on-demand with specific views for classroom teachers and school administrators. Web-based reporting offers great flexibility when it comes to viewing reports, analyzing results, and downloading data. It includes numerous reports, plus the ability to:
  • Create dynamic displays with the click of a mouse.
  • Easily compare data across different classrooms and student or program groupings.
  • Drill down to individual student results and analyze performance on diagnostic skill clusters to inform instruction.
  • Create and download PDF reports for teachers and parents.
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Use the Report Center to:

  • Create, save and manage your own unique report criteria in the Reports application
  • Set up multiple reports to run concurrently while continuing to work within any DataManager application until the reports are ready for view
  • Run reports for large groups of students in a "batch" mode without being tied up waiting on processing
  • Run and print a suite of Riverside Central Scoring Service style paper report PDFs.

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ACSI Basic Scoring Package

Sample DataManager Reports - Iowa


Sample DataManager Reports - CogAT

Student Reports: (additional reports are available)
Group Reports: (additional reports are available)

Optional Sample Reports

Optional paper reports can be added to our robust online reporting to create a unique combination of services that best suits the needs of your school, district, and students. Optional reports are purchased at an additional cost. Click here for pricing.
Optional reports are ordered using the Order for Scoring Services form included in the Scoring Services Packet. Select illustration below to view the sample report.
These reports ARE NOT AVAILABLE in DataManager, but can be printed by Riverside Insights.
These reports ARE AVAILABLE in DataManager and can also be printed by Riverside Insights.


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