2023-2024 Resource Catalog
Student Assessment Program Resource Catalog
If you are currently administering a test session in DataManager and need immediate assistance, please contact DataManager Support Center at 1-877-246-8337 or help@riversidedatamanager.com.
Paper/pencil? Hybrid? Online?
The Iowa Assessments Program has you covered!

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Online Testing Through DataManager

Summative Testing Checklist Preview
Benchmark Testing Checklist Preview
Admissions Testing Checklist Preview
Step 1: Order Training and Administration
  • Determine the assessment(s) you will administer. See overview of each assessment option at the links above. For benchmark/admissions testing information, click here.
  • Determine the number of students testing at each grade/level.
  • Access the Online Testing Order Form. Complete the order form, making sure to order the Riverside Training Academy.
  • After the order has been received, a member of the Student Assessment Team will contact you to get started and provide access to the Riverside Training Academy.
Step 2: Access Riverside Training Academy
After placing your order, you will be invited to log in to ACSI’s Riverside Training Academy Community, where you will see a list of required and recommended training videos.
The Riverside Training Academy Community provides all staff members at your school 24/7 access to all training resources.
  • Checklists for each assessment provide step by step instructions with links for the resources you need to complete each task.
  • Training Classes are 20 to 40-minute topic specific classes to prepare you for online testing and reporting. Purchasing the Riverside Training Academy will give you and all staff unlimited access to live and recording training classes.
  • Frequently Asked Questions are posted in the community to allow you to browse questions and answers related to specific topics.
  • Consultations are offered as needed to answer school-specific questions related to implementation.
Step 3: Online Testing Consultation and DataManager Access (New Schools):
After a school places an order, ACSI will send an invitation to schedule a consultation which will discuss the school’s goals for test administration, review the startup process, and answer questions. After the consultation, the School Test Coordinator will receive an email to establish an account and set up a password for DataManager.
Step 4: Technical Readiness:
School Test Coordinators and technical support personnel must view the full Technical Readiness and Data Setup training in the ACSI Riverside Training Community and complete the verification form before they can move on to data setup.
Schools can use the DataManager System Requirements to verify their systems meet DataManager requirements.
Step 5: Data Setup
There are two options for setting up data in DataManager.
  1. Data Files: Schools who will be testing whole grade levels will most likely choose to create and upload Location, Staff/User, and Student Roster files.
  2. Manual Setup: Schools who will be administering placement or entrance testing will most likely choose to set up their Locations, Staff/Users, and Students manually.
Step 6: Proctor Training

All staff who will be administering online testing must view the Proctor Training in Riverside Training Academy. Once all staff have completed this training, the test coordinator must complete the proctor training verification form before the school can administer assessments in DataManager.

NOTE: The Iowa Assessments and Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Online are the same as the paper/pencil version.