CogAT: Cognitive Abilities Test

Ability Data: Bridging the Gap Between Student Potential and Student Achievement
CogAT is the most trusted assessment for measuring students' capacity to learn.


  • Age-specific (in years and months), up-to-date national norms and local norms calculated to the same exacting standards
  • Detailed information on students’ Verbal, Quantitative, and Figural (Nonverbal) reasoning
  • Individual domain scores, partial composites, and complete test composites are available for every student that finishes the test, providing a multifaceted view of student ability
  • Reliable, valid, and accurate data for all students
  • Separate test levels for Grades K through 6 and banded levels for Grades 7-12 to ensure that every aspect of the test’s format is developmentally appropriate at each grade

Expert-led Webinar Series With Helpful Tips & Best Practices

Get the most out of your CogAT ability data!

Scoring and Reporting

To gain the rich insights into student abilities that CogAT offers, you can choose from a variety of reports that serve the needs of different stakeholders, from families to teachers to administrators. Watch the videos below to learn more about the new CogAT Reporting Dashboard.
Reporting Options: Age and grade normative scores, local norms, separate and composite scores for ability batteries, and the Ability Profile Score provide multiple data points for use in identification and instruction.

The CogAT Dashboard
Administrator Preview

The CogAT Dashboard
Teacher Preview

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Webinar Series

What is Ability Data and Why Does it Matter?
  • Understand the difference between ability and achievement data
  • Explore opportunities for using ability data to elevate learners to their fullest potential
View Handout | Watch Video
Ability Profiles™: Understanding Student Cognitive Strengths
  • Dive into the CogAT Ability Profiles and identify instructional implications from each student’s unique ability code
View Handout | Watch Video
Ability Data as a Tool for Differentiation
  • Learn best practices and classroom tricks for using ability data you already have from two CogAT Power Users
View Handout | Watch Video
Develop Students' Verbal, Nonverbal, & Quantitative Reasoning Skills
  • Discover best practices for developing students’ cognitive reasoning skills with Charleston County’s creative and engaging “Stretch or Support" Program
View Handout | Watch Video
What to Do as a Gifted Director/Coordinator
  • Explore practices to strengthen your gifted department and maximize the growth of your gifted learners
View Handout | Watch Video
Local Norms and Equitable Identification
  • Hear from CogAT author, Dr. Joni Lakin, about the research behind local norms and equitable identification
  • Dive into Richardson ISD’s journey to build equitable identification practices for all students
View Handout | Watch Video
In the Eyes of a Parent: Understand Your Child's Cognitive Ability
  • Discuss methods for helping parents understand their students’ cognitive abilities and providing home support
View Handout | Watch Video
Help All Students Thrive in the Classroom and Beyond
  • Discover tools that will transform school culture and develop a thriving whole child
View Handout | Watch Video
Compare Student Potential and Performance
  • Explore best practices for combining ability and achievement data to understand gaps in student potential and performance
  • Preview the upcoming CogAT/Achievement data
View Handout | Watch Video

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