We are pleased to present this short, informative preview of our new Grade 2 Science and Grade 3 Language Arts textbooks along with our other biblically based Purposeful Design Publications textbooks.



Fall is a great time to begin the conversation about previewing our textbooks for future use. Sign up to preview one of our new products for next year before December 15th, and we'll provide you with a 5% discount for your Spring FY22/23 order.


"A strength of Purposeful Design Grade 1, third edition Science curriculum is the intentional emphasis and integration of biblical worldview objectives seen throughout the instruction. High level, thought-provoking review questions follow each user-friendly teacher lesson. Each lesson is laid out similarly to the updated Purposeful Design Bible curriculum which our teachers are familiar with. Easy to administer hands-on experiments and colorful student worksheets engage students and follow a clear model of scientific investigation."
- Diane Hannay, Central Christian School, Redmond, OR