Truth Weaving
As a Christian teacher, do you strive to show your students the living God in the world around them? Have you struggled with how to weave God’s truth into your daily lessons? Whether you teach English, algebra, biology or art, whether you work in a Christian school or public, whether you teach eight-year-olds or eighteen-year-olds, you will profit from Truth Weaving.

Through insightful analysis, entertaining anecdotes and real-world application, D. P. Johnson will challenge you to examine how you teach your students and, even more importantly, how you reach your students. With profound, yet practical instruction, you’ll gain a rich understanding of true biblical integration and the guidance you need in order to successfully put it into practice in your own life, and the lives of those you seek to inspire.

Engaging, relevant and real. Truth Weaving will revolutionize the way you teach. This book is one that every Christian teacher should own.
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