MindShift: Catalyzing Change in Christian Education
Research demonstrates that Christian education has a positive impact on student outcomes like purpose-driven career choices, community-mindedness, and stronger religious affiliation and practice. And Christian school teachers and leaders know from their own experiences that Christian education does, indeed, make a difference. Yet with Christian schools around the world facing significant threats to sustainability and relevance, thriving into the future will require framing the challenges we face as opportunities.

To this end, 60 leading educators journeyed together for two years through a MindShift, a transformational process of dialogue and exploration pioneered by futurist Rex Miller. Complete with case stories and reflection questions, this book shares insights on how schools can provide a deeper and more authentic Christian education, share stories of love and hope with their neighbors, and catalyze the growth of the church and the Kingdom.

ISBN: Print - 978-1-58331-559-0; Ebook - 978-1-58331-515-6

Editors: Lynn E. Swaner, Dan Beerens, and Erik Ellefsen
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