Purposeful Design Publications offers an exceptionally effective, stimulating, and wonderfully engaging Bible series. Essential to the mission of Christian schools — which is preparing children and young people for living the Christian life — is guiding students to become grounded in and shaped by God's Word. The Bible is the foundation of Christian schooling!
NOTE: Each course is designed to cover one semester, except where otherwise noted.

     Joseph: A Character Study

PDP Middle School Bible:  Joseph, A Character Study
Do you see the potential of a Joseph among the students in your classroom? Do you see the potential for a Joseph in all of your students? No one is too young to be used of God in significant ways.
The Life of Joseph: A Character Study will be a powerful tool in your hands to help shape the minds and hearts of each of your students, to become Joseph-like among their own classmates and peers. The biblical account of Joseph's life is woven through practical exercises to help students to confront the life of Joseph and its application to them.
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     To the Ends of the Earth: An In-depth Study of the Book of Acts

PDP Middle School Bible:  To the Ends of the Earth
Students will witness the birth and expansion of the early Christian church. Along the journey, their minds will be stretched and their values will be challenged.
This course is designed to teach principles for Christian living from the example of the early church as recorded in Acts. A serious effort has been made to encourage students to apply the principles demonstrated in the lives and actions of the heroic men and women of Acts.
The student workbook contains engaging graphics and questions that direct students in their study. It also contains activities that guide students in theological issues, reflection, reasoning skills, and more. The teacher edition contains an answer key and teacher support information.
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     The Life of Christ, 2nd Edition

PDP Middle School Bible:  The Life of Christ
The Life of Christ (a year-long study) is both engaging and effective in teaching young people about Jesus through the four Gospels. This course consists of 40 concise lessons presenting key truths about Jesus.
The student textbook walks students through a chronology of the events concerning Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. It includes application questions, personal assignments, and hypothetical case studies, and it is coordinated with a dedicated website that links students to additional information. The teacher guide includes an extensive resource section with learning exercises, maps, charts, glossaries, quizzes, and blackline masters, helping teachers lead students beyond facts to a deeper understanding through projects and class discussion.
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     Daring Deliverers

Daring Deliverers
Lead your students to a better understanding of Israel's history through the lives of godly characters in the times of the judges. This course shows the victorious results of living a life committed to God. Students study the military leaders of Israel as well as Ruth, Eli, and Samuel. As they consider the positive and negative qualities of each person, they identify leadership principles and apply them to their own lives.
The teacher edition provides lesson targets, spiritual challenges for the teacher, background information, instructional strategies, and assignment and evaluation materials.
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