DRC TerraNova 3 Assessment Testing Support
ACSI’s final administration of the TerraNova 3 was Spring 2022. We invite you to take advantage of ACSI discounts on the additional programs offered by ACSI. Click here for program details.

All Spring 2022 TerraNova 3 users can access all communications, reporting details, resources, etc., through October 31, 2022. Schools will receive key information for closing out their TerraNova 3 assessment program through then.
If you would like any additional staff who might be involved in the administration of the TerraNova 3 assessment to participate, please email assessmentsupport@acsi.org with their name and email address.
If you suddenly stop receiving emails, check the Community Group for white listing instructions because it may be a filtering issue.
Please let us know if your school has a new Test Coordinator or Administrator. Complete the Assessment Contact Change Form to ensure the correct person is given access to assessment resources.

If you are in need of additional assistance, contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798