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ACSI PD By Design - Elevating Purpose

ACSI PD By Design - Elevating Purpose

Product ID: #PDBD21-3

A Turn-Key Offering for In-House Professional Development Events

A digital professional development offering for teachers on the theme of Elevating Purpose. With 1 CEU worth of rich content from experts in this theme, ACSI PD by Design allows administrators flexibility in hosting their own in-house PD by choosing a date and schedule that works best for their staff. ACSI PD by Design provides access to affordable, high quality professional development for teachers so they can grow in their profession, acquire CEUs, and advance Christ-centered education with excellence. 

PD by Design Quickstart Guide

Non-Member Site License Fee: $399.00 / Member Site License Fee: $249.00
Site licenses are valid until June 30th of the school year in which they are purchased.

Please note that the site license fee includes CEUs for three (3) participants. CEUs for additional participants are available for $25 each. Click here to request additional participant CEUs.

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What’s included:
  • 1 Educational CEU (6 clock hours) of engaging professional development from health and wellness experts for up to three participants (additional CEUs may be purchased, if desired - see above)  
  • A Facilitator Guide for a representative from the school to utilize in setting the agenda and in guiding discussion with their staff
  • A Participant Guide is available for each participant
  • Suggested schedule that includes 6 hours of content/engagement

Speaker and Session Details

John Stonestreet, President, The Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Session 1: "Reimagine Education"
In this session John Stonestreet refocuses the role of Christian educators as “soul stewards” in a cultural moment that is taking place within a much larger story. This session outlines critical questions to help participants understand how the cultural moment impacts students and how to ground their work in the stability of God’s story.

Session 2: "What’s a Human Being?"
In this session, John Stonestreet walks participants through a view of humanity as seen throughout secular and religious history as well as through the biblical story. John reminds participants that the issues we see in culture are not just shifts in morality, these are shifts in the view of reality itself. The image of God provides participants with the theological framework of engaging culture and defining what it means to be human.

Session 3: "Walking Kids through Culture"
In this session, John gives an eye-opening challenge to be an active participant in shaping school culture. Culture is the most powerful when it has been normalized. He invites participants to take an assessment of their classroom and how they engage and shape the school culture. Teachers are not victims of the school culture but can actually create it and contribute to it.

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