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ACSI PD By Design - Integrating Biblical Worldview

ACSI PD By Design - Integrating Biblical Worldview

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A Turn-Key Offering for In-House Professional Development Events

A digital professional development offering for teachers on the theme of Integrating Biblical Worldview. With 6 CEUs worth of rich content from experts in this theme, ACSI PD by Design allows administrators flexibility in hosting their own in-house PD by choosing a date and schedule that works best for their staff. ACSI PD by Design provides access to affordable, high quality professional development for teachers so they can grow in their profession, acquire CEUs, and advance Christ-centered education with excellence. 

 Non-Member Site License Fee: $399.00 / Member Site License Fee: $249.00   
Site licenses are valid for 1 school year, July 1–June 30.

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What's included:

  • A Facilitator Guide for a representative from the school to utilize in setting the agenda and in guiding discussion with their staff
  • A Participant Guide is available for each participant
  • Suggested schedule that includes 6 hours of content/engagement
  • 1 Bible and 5 Educational CEUs (6 clock hours) of engaging professional development 

How do you create a lesson that will help your students develop a biblical worldview? In this offering Dr. Debbie MacCullough provides clear direction on how you can create lesson plans that will help you guide your students to develop a biblical worldview. This offering includes samples from various subjects and grade levels as well as practical demonstrations and activities that will equip you to design biblically integrated lessons.

Learning Objectives for this offering:

  • The participant will be able to describe a worldview and how that worldview impacts all teaching.
  • The participant will be able to contrast true Christian education and Christian education in name only.
  • The participant will be able to write a biblical worldview integration lesson and to push students to think critically.

Speaker and Session Details

Dr. Debbie MacCullough, Director of Global Core Standards, ACSI

Dr. Debbie MacCullough is a graduate of Plumstead Christian School, Cairn University, Arcadia University, and the Pennsylvania State University. This training has helped her to develop her teaching in the areas of mathematics, mathematics education, and biblical worldview integration in all subjects. Debbie was a professor at Cairn University for nine years and was Dean of the School of education for three years. Before this she served as a teacher in Christian schools in the US and the Philippines in elementary, middle, and high schools. Debbie currently is the Director of Global Core Standards for ACSI and trains school leaders and teachers worldwide.


Session One: What a Biblical Worldview Is

  • God's Big Story
  • The Importance of Biblical Integration

Session Two: What Is Worth Knowing

  • True Christian Education 
  • Integrated Lessons

Session Three: How to Write Worldview Lessons

  • A Lesson-Planning Approach
  • Critical Thinking Worldview-Focused Lessons

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