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Literature: Call of the Wild, Student Textbook

Literature: Call of the Wild, Student Textbook

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ISBN: 978-1-930592-27-2

The Call of the Wild is a powerfully-written description of endurance, courage, and fidelity. London’s use of language, his sensitivity, and his intense love of fair play make for a novel that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking. This novel was carefully chosen to explore topics that reflect the universality of human experience, and is geared to guide students to make reasoned judgments, to analyze and evaluate the actions of characters they meet within the pages of the novel, and to decide for themselves how they would respond to similar crises. Never far behind the scenes is the pervasive sense of what is right and valid about the messages transmitted in this novel, and of course, the excellent use of language will help students enrich their vocabulary and enhance their writing and language arts skills. 

The Call of the Wild is enriched by a unique format that offers enhanced comprehension, thought-provoking critique questions, and skill-based exercises that enhance both writing and vocabulary skills. Once a student has carefully read the text of the novel using these student aids, he or she will find that the thinking and linguistic skills acquired during the process will carry over into other areas of the curriculum.