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ACSI PD By Design - Understanding Well-Being

ACSI PD By Design - Understanding Well-Being

Product ID: #PDBD20-1

A Turn-Key Offering for In-House Professional Development Events

A digital professional development offering for teachers on the theme of Understanding Well-Being. With 1 CEU worth of rich content from health and wellness experts, ACSI PD by Design allows administrators flexibility in hosting their own in-house PD by choosing a date and schedule that works best for their staff. ACSI PD by Design provides access to affordable, high quality professional development for teachers so they can grow in their profession, acquire CEUs, and advance Christ-centered education with excellence. 

PD by Design Quickstart Guide

Non-Member Site License Fee: $399.00 / Member Site License Fee: $249.00
Site licenses are valid until June 30th of the school year in which they are purchased.

Please note that the site license fee includes CEUs for three (3) participants. CEUs for additional participants are available for $25 each. Click here to request additional participant CEUs.

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What’s included:
  • 1 Educational CEU (6 clock hours) of engaging professional development from health and wellness experts for up to three participants (additional CEUs may be purchased, if desired - see above)  
  • A Facilitator Guide for a representative from the school to utilize in setting the agenda and in guiding discussion with their staff
  • A Participant Guide is available for each participant
  • Suggested schedule that includes 6 hours of content/engagement

Speaker and Session Details

Rex Miller, Author, Humanizing the Education Machine

Session: "The Six Principles for Building Post Traumatic Growth"
Rex Miller is a nationally respected futurist, consultant, speaker, and researcher. In writing his book “WHOLE: What Teachers Need to Help Students Thrive,” Rex asks these questions: What is happening to our teachers?; Why does it seem like they are disengaging?; and Why are they experiencing burnout?

Rex describes this problem as a chronic condition called “the caregivers dilemma” that has been getting worse over the decades. In this session, Rex shares the formula for trusting the Lord and growing through traumatic events."

Ginger Hill, Founder, Good Health for Good Works

Session: “Fulfill Your Ministry”
In this session, Ginger Hill builds on a foundational understanding that each educator is called to ministry (2 Tim. 4:5). She guides listeners to 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, where scripture reminds them of the importance of caring for their bodies, as the temple of God.

Session: “What Moves YOU to Move”
In this session, Ginger Hill tackles the joys and obstacles of getting exercise and challenges educators to find activities that motivate them and bring them pleasure.

Session: “Living Well—Eating Well in the Express Lane of Life”
Ginger Hill reminds us that every educator (runner) needs the "fuel" of food to keep them in the race (1 Cor 9:24). She approaches this topic of nutrition in the spirit of freedom, understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all eating plan.

Session: “Living Well—Rest”
Ginger Hill challenges listeners to consider both the healthy and unhealthy mindsets that influence assumptions about rest. Ginger helps educators to focus on "being with God" over "doing for God."

Dave Hill, Founder, HeartSmart

Session: "No Way Through isn't True: Carrying Hope into the Classroom or Zoom"
In this session, Dave inspires courage and challenges educators to see their students through God’s eyes. He also provides practical tools to support and foster student resiliency in the classroom because he believes that Christian teachers and leaders are purveyors of God’s hope.

Mia Mbroh, Licensed Professional Counselor

Session: "Conversation about Well-Being"
In her conversational style, Mia Mbroh, along with two ACSI colleagues, discuss the challenges of remaining spiritually and emotionally well during difficult times.


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