Science: Instruction

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Best Practices in Science Instruction—Current educational research for professional development:
Scientific Method and Hands-on Teaching 
  • Best Teaching Practices: From the Akron Global Polymer Academy, this site contains many brief articles about researched techniques for teaching science in the classroom including probing questions, wait time and inquiry approaches
  • Science Can Be Fun: This article, by Kanchan Bodas, examines how hands-on learning and self-discovery promote long-term memory.
Parental Involvement
  • U.S. Department of Education: This is a excellent resource that covers the basics of science, contains hands-on activities from pre-kindergarden through 5th grade, community resources, recommendations on working with teachers and schools and lists many other resources.
Creationism Education
Secular Articles about the increase of teaching creationism as an alternative theory of the origin of the earth in secular classrooms
  • Washington Post: Article entitled "Battle on Teaching Evolution Sharpens," By Peter Slevin (March 14, 2005; page A01), observes the growing movement in various states to challenge the evolution theory.
  • New York Times: This article "Teaching of Creationism Is Endorsed in New Survey," by Laurie Goodstein (August 31, 2005), reviews the results of a Pew Research Center Poll about how Americans desire the origins of life to be taught.
  • English People’s Daily On-line: This article announces the adoption of pro-creationism science standards by the Kansas State Education Board (November 09, 2005)