Implications of Literature Resources


TextWord Press


The goal of TextWord Press is to sharpen and shape the language arts proficiency of high school students simultaneously implementing a traditional values-based curriculum that promotes recognition by our young people of the impact of the past on the present and the future. Using a widely-acclaimed student-friendly format that facilitates mastery of comprehension techniques, development of critical and analytical integrated literature/language arts anthology series that is considered a significant breakthrough in countless schools throughout the United States.
Meeting the educational requirements of the Education Department of New York State and thus eligible for purchase with state funding, these academically uncompromising anthologies build character and mold young minds in a positive manner, all without ever being didactic or moralistic. At a time when teaching of solidly-based comprehensive language arts skills has become a nationwide priority, this high-level series facilitates the acquisition of sophisticated language arts skills in an enjoyable and challenging manner.
Curriculum Development Program
Scope and Implementation Guide

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