Frequently Asked Questions

Are the e-books interactive?
No, they are not interactive. You cannot type answers into the e-book. You can print the pages (only a limited number of pages) and fill in the answers or record your answers on a separate piece of paper.

Will the notes from my teacher edition carry forward to the next year?
The e-book will not be available in your library after the expiration date. The book will still be in your account, but you will not have access to it in your library. When you redeem the code for the same book next year, access to the book will be granted with all your notes from the previous year, including any highlighting and bookmarking.

Can I print pages/worksheets from the e-book?
You can print up to 2 pages at a time.

Can I download the e-book on multiple devices with the same access code?
Yes, you can download the e-book on up to five devices using the same access code as long as you download it to the same user account (user name and password).

When will the e-book subscription expire?
The e-book will be automatically removed from your library at the end of your subscription period, and you will not have access to the e-book.

What is the subscription period for e-books?
All teacher edition and student edition e-books (Math, Science, Spelling, and Elementary Bible) are available for 365 days from the day you redeem the access code. High school Bible semester courses are available for 180 days from the date of redeeming the access code. The teacher resources that you purchase will not have an expiration date and will always be available to you.

What if I have lost my access code(s)?
Please call ACSI Customer Service at 800-367-0798, and our Customer Service representatives will be happy to e-mail your access code letter to you.

What number do I call for telephone support?
Speak with a VitalSource Bookshelf expert who specializes in your exact question. Our U.S.-based support center is open 24/7 year-round to accommodate your schedule.
In the United States or Canada, please call 855-200-4146.
In the United Kingdom, please call 0808 2340361. 

How can I review an e-book?
Create a Bookshelf account for yourself. Install Bookshelf on your tablet or computer. Shop for books online, and you will find many free resources to download.

Do the e-books follow the same pagination as the hardcover books?
Yes, the e-books follow the same pagination. However, page numbers are not visible on the pages. The table of contents on the left side of your screen will help you navigate with ease. Page numbers are noted in the table of contents.

Is there a search function in the Bookshelf library?
Yes, the e-books have search functionality. You will be able to search for a word or a phrase in the book that you are accessing.

What is the return policy for e-books?
Only unredeemed codes (meaning the purchaser has not used a code to access an e-book) may be returned. Contact ACSI Customer Service, 800-367-0798, for returns.

How will we receive the components of a teacher edition?
The components of the teacher edition, such as the resource CD, timeline, and visual aids will be shipped to you at no cost.

How does the 180-day license work for semester e-books?
The 180-day semester e-books will be available for 180 days from the day of redeeming your access code. If you purchase 40 e-books for your students to use in two semesters (20 per semester), you will need to redeem only the number of e-books you need for the first semester. Then at the start of the second semester, you should redeem the codes you need for that semester.

How do I create a Bookshelf account? 
Every student will have to create a Bookshelf account. Students will then have to download Bookshelf to their computer or download the Bookshelf app to their device. Once they are signed in, they can enter the access code and download the e-book to their Bookshelf library, where they will have ready access to it until the day of expiration. Click here to create your Bookshelf account. 

Can a teacher or a student purchase a hardcover and an e-book?
Yes, teachers and students can purchase a hardcover to use in the classroom and purchase an e-book to access at home to avoid carrying the book home every day.

Will students be able to access their e-books from any and/or multiple computers?
Yes, students will just have to sign in to their account on the Bookshelf/VitalSource online Web page, and they will be directed to your Bookshelf library.

When a series contains workbooks, will e-workbooks be available?
Yes, e-workbooks will be available for grades 4–6. But please note that answers cannot be entered into the e-books.

What devices will the e-books work on?
Click here to see the devices on which you can access the e-books.

Will I need an access code to download my e-book? 
Yes, you will need an access code to download your e-book. After you have purchased your e-books from the Purposeful Design store, you will receive an e-mail within one to two business days with the access code(s) for the e-books purchased.

Will I have to pay a new fee each year to use my e-book?
Your e-book subscription is valid for 365 days (180 days for semester courses) from the day you redeem/download your e-book. At the end of your subscription period, you will purchase the e-book again from our online store and you will be sent access code(s) to download your book again.
Special features include bookmarking, highlighting, note taking, and sharing notes with some or all your students. Students can share notes with each other or with the teacher.