E-book Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between VitalSource® and Bookshelf?

VitalSource partners with publishers to provide their textbooks in e-book format using a free online platform or downloadable app known as Bookshelf.

How do I create a Bookshelf account?

Every e-book user (teacher and student) will need to create a Bookshelf account. Teachers and students will then need to download Bookshelf to their computer or download the Bookshelf app to their device. Once they are signed in, they can enter the redemption code provided after purchase and download the e-book to their Bookshelf library. E-book access begins the day the redemption code is entered into Bookshelf and runs through the end of the rental period.

How soon will I receive my redemption code(s) after I make an e-book purchase?

Redemption codes for e-book purchases are generated during ACSI's regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 7:00AM through 4:30PM - MST). If you make an e-book purchase(s) during non-business hours, you will receive your redemption code(s) by email during the next regular business day. If you do not receive an email during the next regular business day, contact the ACSI Care Team at 800-367-0798.

What devices will the e-books work on?

The Bookshelf app is available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch – iOS 3.2 or later), Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, and Windows PC.

Can access to the e-book be done with the same redemption code on multiple devices?

Yes. Because the redemption code places the e-book into the user’s Bookshelf library account, it can be accessed on up to five devices, as long as the Bookshelf app has been downloaded to that device with the same user’s account (user name and password).

How do I access the supplemental materials / teacher resources provided with the purchase of a teacher edition?

At purchase, an email is sent to the purchaser providing instructions, including a grade-specific URL link, for accessing the supplemental materials / teacher resources. If an email is not received, contact the ACSI Care Team at 800-367-0798.

When will the e-book rental expire, and what is the rental period for PDP textbook e-books?

The e-book will be automatically removed from the user account library at the end of the rental period, and the e-book will not be accessible unless the rental for that e-book is renewed.

All PDP elementary textbook e-books (including Math, Science, Spelling Plus, Language Arts, and Elementary Bible) are available for 365 days from the day the redemption code is entered into Bookshelf. (All teacher editions come in e-book format; student editions are available for grade 4 and up.) Depending upon the series, middle school and high school Bible semester courses are available for 180 days or 365 days from the day the redemption code is entered into Bookshelf.

If you purchase 40 e-books for your students to use in two semesters (20 per semester), you will need to redeem only the number of e-books you need for the first semester. Then at the start of the second semester, you should redeem the codes you need for that semester.

Will the notes from my teacher edition carry forward to the next year?

Once a rental period has ended, access to the e-book in the user account library is no longer available. However, if the rental of the e-book is renewed, access will again be available to that e-book, along with any notes, highlighting, or bookmarking made during the previous rental period.

Are the e-books interactive?

No, e-books being viewed in Bookshelf are not interactive. Answers cannot be typed directly into an e-book. Highlighting and bookmarking options are available. (Please check your Bookshelf app to confirm the availability of these options with your download).

Is there a search function in the Bookshelf library?

Yes, e-books have search functionality. You will be able to search for a word or a phrase in the book that you are accessing.

Do the e-books follow the same pagination as the printed editions?

Yes, the e-books follow the same pagination as the printed editions. The table of contents on the left side of the screen link to the various chapters in the books. Page numbers are noted in the table of contents.

Are pages from the e-book printable?

E-book pages may be printed on a very limited basis. Up to 10% of the book can be printed; however, only two pages may be printed at a time. Keep in mind that e-book pages are not designed to be printed, and printed pages may not look like they appear on screen.

What if I have lost my redemption code(s)?

Please call ACSI Care Team at 800-367-0798, and our representatives will be happy to e-mail your redemption code information to you.

Who do I call for customer support for Bookshelf?

It is recommended that you speak with a VitalSource Bookshelf expert who specializes in assisting with Bookshelf questions. VitalSource’s U.S.-based support center is open 24/7 year-round to accommodate your schedule.
     ■ In the United States or Canada, please call 855-200-4146.
     ■ In the United Kingdom, please call 0808 2340361.

What is the return policy for e-books?

Only unredeemed codes (meaning the purchaser has not used a redemption code to access an e-book) may be returned. Contact the ACSI Care Team at 800-367-0798 for returns.

Can a customer purchase a printed book and an e-book?

Yes, a customer can purchase a book in both the printed format and e-book format (if available). Please note that not all books for sale at www.purposefuldesign.com are available in e-book format. Be sure to check the product description to ensure it is available in e-book format.


If you are in need of additional assistance, contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798