Identify Algebra Readiness

In only 50 minutes, determine whether your students have the necessary skills for Algebra I.
Students who don't pass Algebra I have only a 20% chance of graduating high school.
Are you sure your students are ready?
Algebra I is a pivotal course in a student's mathematical journey, and schools frequently spend a lot of time determining which students are ready for Algebra. The best way to ensure students are ready for Algebra I is to leverage an algebra readiness assessment, which can support educators with placement, intervention, and differentiation.
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Make sure they're ready in one easy step with the research-based Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT). In one class period, identify:
  • Students who are ready for Algebra I
  • Students who need extra support
  • Which standards are strong and which need more attention
Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) assesses students' readiness for Algebra I and identifies students who need extra support and intervention prior to taking algebra courses. Research demonstrates that IAAT results correlate with Algebra 1 course grades and lower Algebra attrition rates. IAAT is available for paper/pencil administration and is now available for online testing through EdAssess in the EdPower platform.
Designed and Developed to NCTM Standards
IAAT provides educators with a valid and reliable measure of algebra readiness designed and developed to NCTM standards. The exam i organized into four parts:
  • Part One: Pre-Algebraic Number Skills and Concepts: Assesses how well students understand the mathematical skills and concepts necessary to succeed in an algebra course
  • Part Two: Interpreting Mathematical Information: Assesses how well students can learn new materials presented in graphs or text
  • Part Three: Representing Relationships: Assesses students' abilities to find formulas for numberical relationships
  • Part Four: Using Symbols: Assesses how well student understand important algebraic symbols and their use
Features and Benefits:
  • Alignment to the most recent National Council of Teacher of Mathematics (NCTM) standards ensures the skills assessed are relevant to today's Algebra curriculum
  • Two parallel forms are ideal for pre- and post-testing
  • Administration takes only fifty minutes – just one class period
  • Online testing and reporting provides convenient results for large or small groups of students
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