ACSI Student Assessment Program
Fall Testing

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Benefits of Fall Testing

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Why should we conduct fall testing?

•  Track student achievement from beginning to end of year with "apples to apples" comparisons.
•  Establish baseline data for parents to evaluate their child's growth.
•  Measure retention from summer regression to help modify instructional plans.
•  Provide targeted intervention using program instructional tools.
•  Receive Christian school comparisons.

Who can be assessed? All students, all grades

ACSI has multiple fall assessment options.

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IA Assessments TN3
•  Published in 2017 with new items
•  Can be administered with K-12 cognitive skills test
•  Paper/pencil and online administration
•  Formative assessment option

•  Bible Assessment Subtest
•  Can be administered with InView – Grades 2-12
•  Paper/pencil administration only
•  Newly revised assessment and objectives reports

•  College and Career Readiness Standards
•  Anchored to the ACT
•  Online with paper/pencil option
•  Formative assessment option
•  Published in 2000, normed in 2015
•  Online
•  Student scoring available immediately
•  National student and school achievement and growth norms

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