ACT Aspire – FAQs

Which ACT assessments are available in the Christian School Program (CSP)?

ACT Aspire Summative, online and paper/pencil:    3 – 10

ACT Aspire Periodics:e, online and paper/pencil:    3 – 10

Interim and Classroom Assessments, online

What is included in the CSP Scoring Package?

Individual student, class, and school reports are available online.

Do schools receive Christian school comparisons?

Yes. Schools receive national and CSP comparisons.

Is the Bible Assessment Subtest included in the ACT Aspire Assessments through the CSP?


Are formative assessments available through the ACT Aspire partnership?

Yes, the ACT Aspire Interim and Classroom Assessments are formative.

Is a cognitive skills assessment available?

No. However, ACT does publish an assessment that measures Social Emotional Learning—ACT Tessera.

What are the testing windows?

The spring testing window is April.

What does a school need to do to administer ACT Aspire in the CSP?

A school must be an ACSI member to participate in the program.