ACT NOW to preserve your TerraNova 3 data before access ends on May 31, 2023.

THANK YOU for participating in ACSI’s TerraNova 3 assessment program these past years.
As you know, Spring 2022 was the final administration of TerraNova 3 with ACSI.
We would like to provide you with three quick steps to ensure you successfully exit the program with all archived data and pdfs.

Step One:  Download all PDF reports from the DRC INSIGHT Portal from Spring 2017—Spring 2022 (includes Fall 2017—Fall 2021). All PDF reports prior to Spring 2017 are available in Assessment Data Online (ADOL).


Step Two:  Download student data from Assessment Data Online – This option is no longer available as of October 31, 2022


Step Three:  Transition successfully to a new assessment program for the 2022—2023 school year, or Spring 2023. ACSI offers several programs to include ACT, Classic Learning Test, and Iowa Assessments. Many of these programs include both paper/pencil and online testing options. As well, there are admissions, benchmark, placement, and summative assessments, including adaptive and fixed formats.

Connect with the Assessment Team
Connect with the Student Assessment Team to let ACSI come alongside you on this journey.

Summative & Formative Solutions

Iowa Assessments
Iowa Assessments CogAT
Riverside Insights Single Subject Benchmarks
Riverside Insights Iowa Survey
Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test

College & Career Readiness Solutions

ACT College and Career Readiness
Online Testing Assessment Benchmarks

If you are in need of additional assistance, contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798