ACSI Student Assessment Program Summer and Back to School Testing Options
The Back-to-School testing program is also known as the Spring 2020 Extended Spring Testing Window. Students are administered the test at their previous grade level (2019-2020). For example, a third-grade student will take the second-grade test.
Back-to-School School Testing Window:
Iowa Assessments through September 23, 2020
TerraNova 3 through September 18, 2020
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Especially after the events of this spring, and in order to determine student outcomes and develop a plan for instructional change, administering a summative assessment will give students an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, and can do. One way to ensure an unbiased, assessment of grade-level content is to administer a summative assessment, like TerraNova 3 or the Iowa Assessments, that will provide baseline data that can be easily analyzed using criterion-referenced scores.

Schools can use the Spring 2020 test window from now through September, and students will take the test at the grade level they were in the spring to obtain baseline data, then analyze, and act on the criterion-referenced scores mentioned, to set goals, and track improvement!


Program Implementation Ideas

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Administration Options to Consider

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Training Support

ACSI’s Student Assessment Program is here to support you with training to help you use the criterion-referenced data. We have various models to support all schools and methods of instruction with your program’s available scores. This service is provided in a scheduled and/or customized format for schools as an in-service at a time convenient for you. Custom webinar trainings can be scheduled for 1—3 hours based on the school’s needs.
  • Connecting Data to Instruction - Criterion-referenced Scores
    Criterion scores are standards-based scores and are very diagnostic. It is not a norm-referenced score like the National Percentile. Using criterion-referenced scores, a teacher can be strategic in addressing critical needs, challenges, and reinforcing strengths, connecting data to instruction.
    Objectives, domains, and skills are easily identified by teachers and can be found in pacing guides, ancillary materials, and textbooks. They provide a clear and simple connection to see what has been mastered and what needs to be improved. This process is successful in working with individuals and groups. So, it can assist individual teachers, as well as become a schoolwide focus.
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Communication Tools

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ACSI Town Hall

Mission Possible: Assessing COVID Academic Slide for Student Success

Recorded on May 13, 2020 | Watch Webinar
Mission Possible:  Assessing COVID Academic Slide for Student Success Webinar

Webinar Handouts:
• David Smitherman Handout
• Karrie Edwards Handout
• Lisa Chubbic Handout
• Lisa Gerdes Handout
• Michael DeSarro Handout
• Renita Hall Handout


ACSI Town Hall

Keeping Your Promise: Solutions for Summative Assessments

Recorded on March 27, 2020 | Watch Webinar
Keeping Your Promises:  Solutions for Summative Assessments Webinar

Assessment for Online Instruction

Presented by Dr. Erin Wilcox
ACSI Assistant Vice President, Academic Services
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Assessment for Onine Instruction Webinar
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To help schools measure both COVID-19 and summer regression, ACT Aspire has created three testing options for the fall.
Take advantage of an Early Reporting Window with fall testing!
  • Option 1: Administer ACT Aspire at the current 2019-2020 grade level and maintain longitudinal data.
  • Option 2: Administer ACT Aspire at the 2020-2021 grade level to determine student needs based on skill mastery.
Track growth throughout the academic year!
  • Option 3: Administer the ACT Aspire – Periodics with Interim benchmarks and Classroom quick checks for during the 2020-2021 school year.
Click here for program details and discounted pricing for ACSI schools.
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NWEA MAP Logo Learn more.
NWEA has provided guidance for remote testing given the COVID-19 crisis. To support distance learning plans for summer and fall, NWEA will continue to develop a path for schools to use MAP Suite products remotely. This option affords schools the opportunity to gather valuable and necessary data to address the COVID slide going into the next school year.
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If you are in need of additional assistance, contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798