TerraNova 3 — CSP Score Reports
and Optional Reports

Christian School Program (CSP) Score Reports Package

A comprehensive assessment program produces considerable data. Test results are most useful when they are organized in a way that allows teachers and other educators to focus on the information most relevant to them. Reports for the Complete Battery of TerraNova 3 are designed to meet this need by making it easier to use test results for educational purposes. The reports inform students and their parents/guardians of test results, assess the achievement of individuals and groups of students, and compare the performance of classes within a school. Schools will receive the reports listed below with the Christian School Program Scoring Package for the Spring testing season.

NOTE: The sample reports include both the TerraNova 3, Complete Battery and the PLUS tests content areas. If a school only administers the Complete Battery, there are fewer content areas displayed on the reports. The reporting package also includes Assessment Data Online, where schools can pull several customized reports. Bible Assessment data are reported separately.

DRC Insight Portal Reports Available (Sample):

  • Individual Profile with InView
  • Individual Profile without InView
  • Objectives Report
  • Group List Report
  • Assessment Summary Report
  • Bible Assessment Summary Report
  • Bible Assessment Roster Report
  • Bible Assessment Student Report

  • Mailed Reports Include:
  • All reports listed, and
  • Student Record Label

  • PTCS:
  • Self-Score Template

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    Optional Sample Reports

    In addition to the Christian School Program Scoring Package, optional reports may be purchased at an additional cost.

    Click here to download a spreadsheet that will provide Optional Report costs.

    Optional reports are ordered within Online Enrollment. Select illustration below to view the sample report.

    The Student Data File is data provided at the
    student level in csv format so that can be imported
    into personal spreadsheets, databases, or other
    software tools. The data must be downloaded
    from the DRC INSIGHT platform.

    Individual Profile Report

    Home Report

    CSP Student Data File Layout

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