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Recently Recorded Webinars:

 Iowa Assessments and Cognitive Abilities Test: Elevate Potential for All Students: Video, Handouts
 How to Create Reports in DataManager: Video, Handouts
 Preparing Your Order for Scoring Services: Video, Handouts
 How to Create Reports for Iowa and CogAT: Video, Handouts
 Adapting Instruction for All Students: Getting the Most From Your CogAT Scores:
      •  Video
      •  Handout - Webinar slides
      •  Handout - Using CogAT Score Profiles to Differentiate Instruction
      •  Handout - CogAT Interactive Ability Profile System
 Reading and Math Benchmarking: Video, Handouts
 Pretesting Instructions for Test Coordinators: Video, Handouts

The Iowa Assessments Forms EFG

  • Getting to Know the Iowa Authors - Dr. Steve Dunbar and Dr. Cathy Welch (1:37)

  • "Spotlight on Assessment" Content Brief Newsletters

  • Content Validity Evidence in the Item Development Process
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Content Validity: Large-Scale Assessment
  • Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced Interpretations
  • Interpreting National Performance using the Iowa Assessments

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    Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT®)

    •  Getting to Know CogAT: An Overview

    •  Getting to Know CogAT: Ability Profiles

    •  3 Things You Can Do Right Now with CogAT Data

    •  Getting to Know CogAT: Differentiating Instruction

    •  Differentiating the Classroom: Use CogAT Ability Profile Scores Schoolwide Webinar (48:52)
          View this webinar presented by co-author Dr. Joni Lakin on how data from CogAT can be used to differentiate instruction in each classroom.

    •  4 Key Questions on Differentiating Instruction: Blog Post
          Differentiating instruction has been a topic of conversation among educational researchers and educators alike in recent years. But what is true differentiated instruction, and how can teachers and administrators go about it in the best way? In this blog post, CogAT author Dr. Joni Lakin answers four key questions on the subject.

    •  The Essentials: Using Ability Tests in Gifted and Talented Identification Programs

    •  An Interview with Dr. Joni Lakin (4:46)
          Co-author Dr. Lakin explains how she came to be involved in the development of CogAT and how CogAT can uniquely support instruction for all students, including English learners.

    •  CogAT and Culturally Responsive Identification Practices Webinar (37:45)
          View this webinar in which co-author Dr. Joni Lakin discusses CogAT and Culturally Responsive Identification Practices.

    "Cognitively Speaking" Newsletters

  • Getting Value and Equity from Your Universal Screening Process
  • Universal Screening in Gifted and Talented Identification
  • The Essentials: Using Ability Tests in Gifted and Talented Identification Programs
  • Using CogAT Score Profiles to Differentiate Instruction
  • CogAT Form 7 Normative Update
  • Program Diversity and the Alternate Verbal Scale of CogAT Form 7

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    DataManager Online Reporting System

  • DataManager Overview (5:53)
  • DataManager Web Reporting Keys (8:40)
  • How to Create Reports in DataManager, Handouts

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