Iowa Assessments FAQs


Which Iowa Assessments are available in the Christian School Program (CSP)?

Iowa Assessments paper/pencil:
Form G:  K – 8*
Form E:  9 – 12
Iowa Assessments Online:
Form E:  K – 12
Form G:  K – 8
CogAT paper/pencil:
Form 7:  K – 12
CogAT Online:
Form 7:  K – 12

*Schools using Form E for Grades K-8 will need to upgrade to Form G for the CSP program.


What is included in the CSP Scoring Package?

All score results and reports for the CSP Scoring Package are available online in DataManager. Schools can print a variety of reports from this portal. No paper reports are included in the CSP Scoring Package; however, schools can purchase optional paper reports.


Do schools receive Christian school comparisons?

Yes. Schools receive national and CSP comparison scores. ACSI regional comparisons may be requested from ACSI.


Is the Bible Assessment Subtest included in the Iowa Assessments through the CSP?

The Bible Assessment Subtest is not available at this time, but there are plans to include it at a later date.


Is a cognitive skills assessment available?

Yes. The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) may be administered with Iowa Assessments in grades K – 12. As well, CogAT can be administered as a stand-alone assessment within the CSP.


What are the testing windows?

The spring testing window is March 1 – May 31 and the fall testing window is September 1 - November 30.


What does a school need to do to administer Iowa Assessments in the CSP?

Schools order Riverside test materials online, go to and login with your school's member account as your Username.

Schools without an online account may contact ACSI Care Team to gain access to the online store.

A school will also need to complete the Order for Scoring Services. Instructions for this process will be communicated to the school once the materials order has been placed.


If you are in need of additional assistance, contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798