ACT Aspire Video Library

This webpage provides links to a variety of introductory and informational webinar videos and related handouts (as available). These webinars are presented by qualified assessment specialists from ACT Aspire.
  • Key Tools for ACSI Schools (Originally aired March 13, 2019): Video, Handouts
  • Test Administration for ACSI Schools (Originally aired March 3, 2020): Video, Handouts
  • Utilizing ACT Academy for Personalized Learning (Originally aired January 14, 2020): Video, Handouts
  • Meaningful Outcomes for ACSI Schools (Originally aired November 11, 2019): Video, Handouts
  • Periodics: Measuring Progress Throughout the Year in ACSI Schools (Originally aired November 5, 2019): Video, Handouts
  • Ordering and Invoicing Updates (Originally aired May 21, 2019): Video, Handout
College and Career Readiness Recorded Webinars:
  • College Readiness Strategies for Christian Schools (Originally aired September 26, 2019): Video, Handout


If you are in need of additional assistance, contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798