ACSI Student Assessment Program Summer and Back to School Testing Options

Quick and convenient test administration option to obtain baseline data to make key instructional decisions for the 2020-2021 school year.

    •  Schools use the existing Spring 2020 Scoring Service Packets to package and return materials.
        ◦  No need to register for scoring, as the Spring 2020 Order for Scoring Services rolls over automatically.
    •  Schools may use existing Spring 2020 barcode labels on test booklets/answer sheets.



Key Resources

    •  Implementation Guidelines for Iowa Assessments and CogAT
    •  Iowa Assessments and CogAT Suggested Schedules
    •   Iowa FAQs



Sample Parent Letters

    •  Sample Parent Letter – Iowa Assessments (Customized by School)
    •  Sample Parent Letter – Iowa Assessments (ACSI Letterhead)




Spring 2020 Test Coordinator Manual

Assess More Measure Less Brochure

To assist you in estimating your school's Riverside Insights assessment program cost (for Iowa and CogAT) or to access additional information, click the button to the right.

Iowa Message to Families: Click here to download pdf.

DataManager Support Center:

Phone: 877-346-8337

Email Contact:

Hours: 8:00AM-5:00PM (CST), Monday through Friday


      Iowa Assessments Summer and Back to School Order for Scoring Services      Summer and Back to School Iowa Assessments Checklist       Summer and Back to School Iowa Assessments Checklist

ACSI Basic Scoring Package      ACSI Basic Scoring Package

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Iowa 50Assessments Scope and Sequence

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Training Support

Preparing Answer Documents for Scoring

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Riverside Insights FAQs

DataManager Portal

Ongoing Order Testing Materials online to receive a shipping and handling discount.
Now through mid-September 2020 Complete the Order for Scoring Services to register for machine scoring.
NOTE: Schools who registered for Spring 2020 do not need to complete Order for Scoring Services. If you have not received your packet, or need a new one, please contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798.
Within five (5) business days of OSS New testers will receive a DataManager welcome email within five (5) business days of completing OSS.
Within ten (10) business days of OSS Schools will receive the OSS Packet within ten (10) business days after completing the Order for Scoring Services, or within fifteen (15) days if ordering barcodes.* The OSS Packet is shipped separately from the Barcode Labels.

Barcode Labels—If you selected "Yes" or "Unsure" to order barcode labels, the Test Coordinator will receive two autogenerated emails within 5–7 business days.
  • The first email will contain the school's unique user name and a link to the secure Online Barcode Ordering system website to upload Student Roster data.
  • The second email will contain your unique password, along with other important site instructions.
  • NOTE: Schools may use existing Spring 2020 barcode labels on test booklets/answer sheets.
March 2020 Riverside will begin shipping OSS packets.
April - Sept 2020 Spring, Summer, & Back to School Testing Window
Sept 25, 2020 Deadline to ship scorable materials to the Riverside Scoring Center.
Within ten (10) business days Test Coordinators will receive an email from within ten (10) business days of processing the answer documents, notifying you that your score reports for the ACSI Spring 2020 Iowa/CogAT administration are now available in DataManager. The email will contain the “top-level” web reporting key (video) you will need to access your score reports.
Within fifteen (15) business days Optional paper reports (see scoring tool for pricing) will be shipped within fifteen (15) business days of processing the answer documents. Optional paper reports are ordered using the Scoring Services Order Form in the Scoring Services Packet.
May - October 2020 Scoring invoices shipped to schools.

Professional Development


If you are in need of additional assistance, contact the ACSI Care Team or call 800.367.0798.